Wear what you want ???????? I've seen many comments on people's photos saying "you're wearing your bikini bottoms too high" or "you shouldn't wear that" or "that doesn't suit your body type". Can we just let people wear what they want, how they want!? If they look confident and happy in it, let them do their thing!! Some people like wearing their bikinis high waisted, others don't! And that's fine!! This tearing down of other people needs to stop. Also all those magazines that say "don't wear X if you have X body type" DONT LISTEN TO THOSE. If you see a bikini you like, WEAR IT. And wear it with confidence cause you look amazing!! You are not too fat, too bulky, too flat, too anything to wear it!! Live your life to the fullest. Don't skip out on going to the beach and having fun because you don't feel confident. I've done it plenty of times in the past and regret it each time. Basically just wear what you want no matter what anyone says!! You're beautiful no matter what!! ????☀️ ------------------------------------------ . . . #bodypositive #bodylove #nobodyshame #wearwhatyouwant #effyourbeautystandards #bikiniready #beachbody #endbodyshaming #everyoneisbeautiful #confidenceiskey

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Nós estamos cada vez mais suscetíveis às imagens publicadas nas redes sociais. Só que, na maioria das vezes, elas são manipuladas e são diferentes da realidade.

Uma jovem finlandesa de 21 anos, no entanto, decidiu usar as próprias redes sociais para desmistificar as imagens "irreais" postadas na internet.

Militante de uma imagem mais positiva do corpo, a jovem Sara Puhto costuma postar fotos comparativas mostrando como uma simples pose diferente pode mudar  a percepção que as pessoas (e você) têm do seu corpo.

A ideia é derrubar o mito das formas perfeitas tão presente nos dias atuais de compartilhamentos excessivos, sempre com muitos filtros e ajudas de aplicativos de manipulação de fotos.

"Sempre achei que teria uma barriga tanquinho se fizesse muitos abdominais, mas não é assim. Eu tenho 'barriguinha'. E tudo bem! Isso não te faz feia ou pouco saudável", defende ela em uma das publicações.

O seu perfil no Instagram está recheado de fotos inspiradoras em que ela desmistifica em poses o queixo duplo, o bumbum caído, as pernas bem torneadas, entre outros problemas que afetam a autoestima de muita gente.

Confira algumas das comparações publicadas pela jovem:

Tummy fat ???? I posted a similar photo a few weeks ago but I wanted to post a sitting down version! I know many people think that if you have a flat tummy standing up, you'll have a flat tummy sitting down. But that's not the case!! I always thought if I got fit and had abs I would magically always have abs. But in reality that isn't true at all. We all have tummy fat!! And that's completely fine! It doesn't make you "ugly" or "unhealthy". This fat is vital in protecting our organs! You don't need to have a flat tummy 24/7 to be considered "beautiful", you are beautiful in your own way and you don't need to obsess over something like a flat tummy!! Because at the end of the day having a flat tummy doesn't change you as a person. You are wonderful as you are now! ????☀️ ------------------------------------------ . . . #loveyourbody #youarebeautiful #bodypositive #lawofattraction #spreadlove #lifelessons #stopcomparing #youaregoodenough

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Double chins ????????‍♀️???? My double chin used to bother me so much, every time I would take a cute photo but see a slight double chin in it I would instantly delete it and feel so bad about myself. I used to be naturally skinny growing up and started picking up weight when I was in high school. I got told I had a double chin and that I was starting to get fat by one person. I believed this person and started doing double chin exercises- they obviously didn't work ????????‍♀️ But the point is, is that it doesn't matter!! So what if you have a double chin?? Most people do!! It doesn't change the things that really matter: your intelligence, caring personality, or anything!! You are still an absolutely amazing, lovely person and having a double chin isn't going to change that! So don't get down on yourself for having one! Ignore all those negative comments because you don't need that in your life!! You are wonderful no matter what!! ????☀️ ------------------------------------------ . . . #doublechin #selfacceptance #loveyourself #embraceyourself #staypositive #bodyposi #bullyingawareness #postivethinking

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Instagram vs reality ???????????? Posting this to show you guys how different posing and ways of wearing clothes makes your booty look! For Instagram photos I usually wear my "at home" shorts pulled really high while posing to make my booty look big. But in reality I usually wear my shorts at waist level. This is why you shouldn't compare your body to anyone else's!! We all look completely different just by adjusting small things like poses and clothing! So please don't be harsh on yourself because you don't look like someone!! You don't need to change your body!! Change your mindset about your body because you are perfectly amazing just the way you are!! In the end all that matters is doing what makes you happy and comfortable. Also don't let others judge you on how you wear your clothes on your body!! I hope you guys have the lovely day you deserve!! ????☀️ ------------------------------------------ . . . #bodylove #selfconfidence #stopcomparing #bootyfordays #bewhoyouare #bodypositivity #allbodiesarebeautiful #youareenough #youareworthy #thinkpositive

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You're worthy ???????? Felt like posting a little reminder to myself and everyone that having body fat is normal!! Sometimes I can look lean and have abs and a few seconds later I look completely the opposite of that! And that's fine! I feel like because we constantly see images of lean toned bodies, we sometimes forget that simple things like bloating and tummy fat are completely normal things to have! There's nothing wrong with having it and you shouldn't be ashamed of it!! But I'm also not saying there is anything wrong with posting photos where you feel good about your body, if you feel confident you should post those photos! I just wanted to break down that barrier of having to look "perfect" all the time and remind people that that's not what everyone looks like 24/7 ???????? Just know that you're absolutely amazing no matter what and I hope that you're having a fantastic week!! ????☀️ ------------------------------------------ . . . #bodyposi #spreadpositivity #stopcomparing #justbeyou #selflove #bereal #bodyimage #lovemybody #staypositive #bodyfat

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Beauty ???????? The idea of beauty that's portrayed to us in media is an illusion. It's airbrushing, photoshop, posing, lighting. Making money off our insecurities and causing us to view ourselves as something we have to change. I used to think I was only 'beautiful' if I looked like I do on the left (posing and sucking in like crazy) and hated the way my body looked naturally on the right. But the truth is, you don't need to change yourself to be beautiful. Everyone has their own image of what beauty is. It shouldn't be all about us needing to conform to the same body type and face we see all over media. We all look completely different. We are all completely different. I think that uniqueness is beautiful and that's what should be shown on media. Not the photos we constantly see of the same body type. How many times have you looked at people and thought "I need to do X to look like them" whether that's in social media or real life? I know I have countless of times. But when I stopped comparing myself and realised it's unrealistic to think I need to change myself to look a certain way to be considered beautiful, that's when I truly realised my beauty. You are beautiful in your own unique way and you don't have to change yourself. You shouldn't compare yourself to others because you are amazing the way you are. Like the saying goes, the presence of someone else's beauty isn't the absence of your own. Love your body in all its forms!! ????☀️ ------------------------------------------ . . . #effyourbeautystandards #lovewhoyouare #beconfident #iambeautiful #flawsandall #selfesteem #selflove #bodypositive #nobodyshame #selfworth #embracethesquish

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