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Americano se torna 1º homem a cruzar a Antártida a pé

Colin O'Brady levou 54 dias para percorrer 1,6 mil km

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O norte-americano Colin O’Brady, 33 anos, se tornou no primeiro homem a atravessar a Antártida sozinho e a pé, sem qualquer tipo de ajuda.

Colin levou 54 dias para percorrer 1,6 mil quilômetros do continente gelado de ponta a ponta.

Colin O'Brad
Crédito: @colinobrady /InstagramColin O’Brady levou 54 dias para percorrer 1,6 mil km

De acordo com a agência de notícias AFP, o aventureiro americano partiu da geleira Union no dia 31 de outubro junto com o militar britânico Louis Rudd, 49 anos.  Os dois competiram para ver quem conseguia completar a façanha de cruzar a pé, só e sem ajuda a Antártida.

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Day 40: SOUTH POLE!!! I made it!!! What a day. I expected to be happy reaching the South Pole, but today has quite honestly been one of the best days of my entire life. It was whiteout conditions approaching the pole as it’s been for days. I spent about an hour there – taking photos and soaking in the moment before continuing onward. I am deeply honored to be adding to the 100 year lineage of the @explorersclub flag. Just having that fabric in my hand at the pole, knowing all of the other hands it’s touched over the generations, gives me chills. Shortly after leaving the pole the sun came out and I was overcome with one of the deepest feelings of happiness and calm that I have ever experienced. I truly felt I was tapping into all of the love that was being sent my way from all over the world. Deep, deep, deep gratitude – I’m shining my love right back at you. Some perspective on today’s accomplishment (which for me feels completely humbling, putting me in rare company.) Only 28 people before me have completed coast to pole crossing; skied from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole, solo, unsupported (no resupplies), and unaided (no kites). Only 2 people before me have done so on this route. For all of these people the South Pole was a very worthy finish line, but I still have unfinished business as I try to be the very first to complete a full traverse and reach the opposite coast. Onward!! #TheImpossibleFirst #BePossible

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Ainda de acordo com a AFP, Colin decidiu fazer a última etapa de uma vez. Ele percorreu os últimos 125 km em 32 horas.

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Day 52: SAVOR AND FOCUS. Somehow I am still going uphill ?‍♂️. I spent the first 6 hours of the day climbing up again to 8300ft (only 1000ft net lower than the Pole). I feel like I am stuck in an M.C. Echer drawing where every direction leads up, a never ending staircase. In this photo I finally crested the big hill looking out on the mountains that lead to my finish line at sea level. Perhaps now I really am going down for good. In these final days I’m reminding myself of two things: First – savor these moments. I’m very eager to finish, but before I know it, I’ll be reflecting on this adventure with nostalgia. So while I’m still out here, I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible. The second thing is – I need to stay hyper focused on execution. It’s not over until it’s over. Henry Worsely, who was a huge inspiration of mine, tragically lost his life less than 100 miles from completing this traverse. When I was crossing Greenland earlier this year on my very last night, I decided to relax my usual evening routine and didn’t check my campsite well enough and fell waist deep into a crevasse that was 200ft deep. If I’d fallen all the way to the bottom, it could have been game over. It’s often at the end when we are tired that mistakes happen. So for that reason I’m ensuring that I stay hyper focused on all of the details. Merry Christmas Eve everyone. Dear Santa?, All I want for Christmas is a stable high pressure weather system to bring ? and no wind. Sincerely, Colin #TheImpossibleFirst #BePossible

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