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Mãe de gêmeos é proibida de amamentar em creche nos EUA

Diretora da pré-escola voltou atrás da decisão três semanas depois da proibição

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A fotógrafa Jennifer Mancuso, de Ohio, nos EUA, foi proibida de amamentar as suas gêmeas, Aria e Asher, na creche em que estuda sua outra filha. Segundo o relato, ela foi aborda por funcionários que consideraram a amamentação “inapropriada” para crianças.

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Come at me. I dare you. . I picked them up from daycare and headed straight to Sam’s Club (Costco). I hadn’t nursed them in over 8 hours. I was feeling it and so were they. As we shopped, I gave them a few samples however, they were still both very fussy. . As we approached the check out, I told hubs that I was going to go nurse them while he went through the check out. (He immediately asked if I wanted him to take my pic LOL – I have him trained well) . There were several families in the food court, all with children. I was sitting right in front of the entrance and every person walking in could see me. . I noticed a group of older people in the distance seemingly disgruntled looking, but that could have been their normal resting B* face. . Although it was super uncomfortable for me and made me feel very self-conscious, I did it. The results were just as expected: my babies were happy, no longer fussy, many people saw me and continued on with their business. . Do your thing. Whatever you have to do. The more we get out there and do it, the more we desensitize the public making it easier for future mothers. Join me. . #normalizenursing #thirdtrimester #pregnantwithtwins #normalisebreastfeeding #bumpday #breastfeedwithoutfear #breastfeedingisbeautiful #normalisebreastfeeding #badassbreastfeeder #breastfeedinginpublic

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Os funcionários disseram, ainda, que os outros pais eram religiosos e eles poderiam considerar ofensivo a opção de amamentar em público. A diretora apoiou a decisão.

Jennifer é ativista em prol da amamentação e tem mais de 33 mil seguidores no Instagram, além de um blog e de outras redes sociais.

Impossibilitada de amamentar nas áreas públicas da escolinha, ela relatou o ocorrido nas redes sociais. Diversos seguidores criticaram a tentativa de coibir a amamentação e requisitaram a retirada da proibição na escola.

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Breastfeeding, lazy river style!!! We decided to take the family to @greatwolflodge in Sandusky, an indoor water park near our home. As all the kids gathered on the other tubes, the twins saw me and my boobies in my swimsuit, and wanted nothing else, LOL. . I figured, what the heck, relaxing on a tube in a lazy river seems like an amazing comfy place. Why not?! So the lifeguard constantly walks back and forth along side. Loudly, as I passed him with both babies fully latched on, he exclaimed, “What the hells that lady doing over there?!” The question was within ear shot of my husband and he turned to him and said, “Obviously she’s breastfeeding dude.” The lifeguard shook his head and I laughed and proceeded on with life with a little giggle. . That was not at all an easy one for me with my whole “normalizing” goals. There were kids of all ages and parents riding past me left and right. I couldn’t fully relax because I was praying no one would say something snarky or mean and ruin our moment. Luckily, the *only* thing said was the question of shock from the lifeguard which I found humorous, not offensive. . Honestly it is shocking to some people because they just don’t see it. Well, that weekend, trust me…a lot more people in this world saw how truly normal it is to breastfeed (even two babies, older babies at that) in public. . It was great and the babies LOVED nursing on a lazy river – probably their first and only time ever in their lives! ? . Swipe left to see more of the family and some cool interior spaces at the lodge! . Copeland loved floating the girls around in the warm tub. All my girls loved spending time with dad in the warm tub too! . I went on every slide and we think this is going to be an annual tradition for us now. Only next year we need to do two nights instead of one!

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Depois de três semanas, a diretora voltou atrás e pediu desculpas pelo ocorrido.


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