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Cerimônia nas alturas: noivos se casam sobre rede em um abismo

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Um casamento nas alturas: apenas para os fortes

Cerimônias diferentes de casamento têm ganhado cada vez mais adeptos que querem fugir do tradicional, mas um casal norte-americano levou a máxima de fazer algo inusitado para as alturas.

Praticantes de slackline, um esporte em que as pessoas se equilibram em fitas elásticas em lugares bem altos, Kimberly Weglin e Ryan Jenks decidiram juntar as duas paixões, o esporte e o amor entre eles, para celebrar sua união.

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No último dia 20 de novembro, a mais de 120 metros de altura, os dois se casaram em um vale de Moab, no Estado americano de Utah, tendo como pano de fundo o deserto.

O resultado da “aventura”? Fotos realmente deslumbrantes e de tirar o fôlego; mas só para os fortes!

Confira dois vídeos e algumas fotos da linda (ou assustadora, para quem tem medo de altura) cerimônia:

The sky is NOT the limit with you by my side! ???????? On November 20, 2017, @slackinhigh and I exchanged “Hell Yeah’s!” in a wedding in the sky! 400 feet in the air on a spacenet in Moab, Utah. We had aerial artists performing on silks and lyra underneath us, BASE jumping flower girls that wore tutus and packed their chutes with real petals, and a giant desert rave for the reception. My dad even got to walk me down the “aisle”, which was a first of its kind! Normally, people get onto the net by slacklining on a 1 inch piece of webbing out to the middle, but we specifically engineered the aisle so that those dearest to us (who arent slackliners) could easily join us on our special day. Thank you everyone who got involved, lent a helping hand in setting up the net and the rave tent, and even risked their lives for us! We couldnt have done it without you, and we couldnt have asked for a more magical day. And as a slacklifer, I gotta say, its pretty surreal to have your wedding video made by THE @scottyrog @wingatemotion ???? Gown: Lily Rose by @galialahav from @kinsleyjamescouturebridal // Spacenet designed and rigged by @sketchyandylewis. Aisle brought into reality with the help of Andy and @slacklifebc // Wedding Officiant @blackrockseco // Aerialists @lizasouras @cdignes @theletabug // BASE Jumpers @mrcorbing @davidlaffargue @cincybase @jimmypeterson27 @theinfamousskypig @scottyybob @stickynicky420 @taz @andikissthesky // Photographers @thehearnes // Hair Styling @katevictoria_hair // Bouquet @thefauxbouquets // Tuxes @generationtux //

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Instead of “I do’s”, @slackinhigh and I exchanged “HELL YEAHS!” I think everyone was stoked ;) It was so fun to be able to take the traditional ceremony of marriage and turn it into something so completely “us”, down to every last detail. Thank you @sketchyandylewis for the net and for being best man, thank you @slacklifebc for helping Andy, Ryan, and I dream up the spacenet aisle into a reality, possibly a world’s first. Thank you @blackrockseco for officiating us like a PRO even though you’ve never been to a wedding before. You had big shoes to fill and your feet were busting out at the top. Thank you @_gillogs_ for being my best woman and letting me put you on a net 400 ft in the air completely out of your comfort zone. Thank you @theletabug @cdignes @lizasouras for performing on silks and lyra under us. Thank you @friedikuehne for crushing it on the 700 footer behind us while we said our vows. Thank you @mrcorbing for coordinating all the BASE jumping “flower girls” and not hesitating when I said I was hoping for a crew of jumpers to pack flower petals into their chutes. Thank you @Katevictoria_hair for coming all the way to Moab to do my hair! Thank you @mtn_mat for coordinating our wedding day, the rave AND cooking the entire reception dinner for 200+ people. (Sorry we tasked you with so many big and critical jobs ????????❤️) Thank you @canyon_cain for DJing the sickest wedding reception ever. Thank you to our families and entire groom and bridal party for supporting us along the way. My dad even got out on the net to walk me down the aisle! Thank you @galialahav for hands down making the most beautiful and intricate gowns on the planet and making me feel like an absolute desert goddess out there. Thank you @kinsleyjamescouturebridal for helping me with all the dress alterations. Thank you to all the monkeys that came out to help set up the wedding in the days prior, and thank you everyone that came out to celebrate with us!!!The day was what it was because of all of you! Thanks everyone for getting involved and staying stoked. I love this community and Ryan and I are so happy to get to share our love with all of you. ????: @thehearnes

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One look at the #LilyRose gown by @galialahav and I knew it would hold its own in the magnificent desert setting we’d be getting married in. One look and a loud squeal, after months of looking for THE one, and I knew I had to wear this dress. Not only is it ethereal, beautiful, and detailed, it is feminine and STRONG. Sexy yet elegant. Different. And just so unexpected. Inspired by nature, this dress pushes limits, and that is exactly the feeling @slackinhigh and I wanted to create when planning our wedding. This isn’t just a dress to me. It is the embodiment of the energy that the GGBY festival creates every year. It is a representation of confidence, self-love, and life; the energy I want to surround myself with and carry with me into our marriage and throughout our lives together. (It also doesn’t hurt to receive compliments like: “it looks like your breasts are covered in butterfly kisses” – direct quote from @theletabug ????????) Photographers: @thehearnes // Bridal shop: @kinsleyjamescouturebridal

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I love the perspective shift in these photos and the sense of scale these give. Rigging this net is always quite the undertaking, and since we did it nearly a week before the actual festival began this year, we had the least amount of people we’ve ever had to help get it rigged(maybe 6 people at each anchor). Pretty incredible that we still managed to pull it off considering this thing weighs probably 500 lbs. Not only that, but we also set it in a new location this year, rigged the new anchor all natural, and created an aisle out to the spacenet, which has never been done before. Thank you @sketchyandylewis @slacklifebc and all the other monkeys and riggers at the festival who lent a helping hand and their creative minds to literally turn my dreams into reality. I’m always blown away by what happens when this community comes together, and this wedding was a HUGE testimony to that. PS- I’ve had a lot of people asking for footage of the BASE jumping flower girls… keep an eye out, I will be releasing a teaser tonight ;) AERIALISTS: @lizasouras on silks, @cdignes on silks, @theletabug on Lyra. PHOTGRAPHER: @callenhearne @thehearnes

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Four days before this photo was taken I was jugging up Castleton (the prominent tower on the left side of the image) watching my friends @spencerseabrooke and @dannymensik send the 493 meter Castleton Highline above me, and watching @mianoblet break her own female world record (Congrats again Mia!!) Unfortunately I never got a chance to get on that incredible line, but life goes on and I’m sure I’ll get to experience it someday. Until then, it will have to linger in the distance, the way it does in this photo. I love that this image represents a colliding of my two worlds. It contrasts the two very different sides of myself that I’m usually jumping back and forth between: wanting to get down and dirty and do badass shit and explore the world and wanting to be ultra feminine and style and create. I usually have to choose between the two… but if this it what happens when I combine those two worlds… then I need to do that more often. ????: @thehearnes // Gown + Veil @galialahav @kinsleyjamescouturebridal

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Esses outros casais pode não ter fugido do tradicional na cerimônia, mas buscaram algo bem diferente para o álbum de casamento:


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